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Home Performance Testing

Lindus Construction is proud to now offer Home Performance Testing. Our trained specialists will spend a few hours in your home conducting a blower door test and use a FLIR Infrared Imager to help determine your home’s airtightness.

What type of testing is performed?

Home Performance Testing

A blower door test is a powerful fan that we will mount in the frame of one of your exterior doors. The purpose of the use of the fan is to pull air out of your home, which will lower the pressure inside, allowing the outside air pressure to flow through any unsealed cracks and openings that exist in your home. Our trained specialist will walk through your home with a smoke pencil that will allow them to pinpoint your troublesome areas.

We also use a FLIR Infrared Imager that will take thermographic scans of your home which measure surface temperatures by using infrared video. Using this test, in conjunction with our blower door testing, will help identify air leaks by showing up as black streaks on the infrared imager. Using an infrared imager can also help detect roof leaks because wet insulation conducts heat faster than dry insulation.

How to prepare your home for a Home Performance Test

There are a few steps that you should follow before you have a Home Performance Test done at your home and those are:

  • If you burn wood in your home, make sure that your fire is completely out. This includes even any coals, before your specialist arrives.
  • Make sure that your attic, crawl space, closets and any unused rooms are easily accessible.
  • All air inlets in your home will need to be closed such as fireplace dampers, doors, windows etc.
  • Fossil fuel appliances will need to be shut down temporarily so they don’t fire during the test.
  • Be sure to set aside a few hours for the test to allow the technicians to be as thorough as possible.

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