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Trend Alert…Xeriscaping

Water is a resource that’s often taken for granted until it is becomes scarce.  Last month, the White House held a World Water Day Summit to discuss water sustainability.  Corporations like Kellogg Company, Anheuser-Bush & Levi-Strauss & Co. were recognized for their efforts to reduce the amount water they utilize in their manufacturing processes.  This… Read More »

Signs Your Siding is Failing

Your siding…it’s your home’s most dominant exterior feature and likely one of the first things a guest notices when they pull up to your doorstep.  From a protective standpoint, your siding’s primary purpose is to protect your residence from nature’s elements.  The lifespan of a property’s siding greatly depends on the material it is comprised… Read More »

The Ins & Outs of Bay Windows

It’s no secret that the presence of natural light is an instant mood booster.  An ample amount of windows within your home can create a peaceful environment, especially if you have an enviable view.  Therefore, it should come as little surprise that bay windows are one of the most popular styles within the marketplace.  This… Read More »

FAQ’s About Mold in Your Home

In the early 2000’s a Texas couple made headlines when a jury awarded them $32 million in damages because their insurance company repeatedly delayed fully addressing a water damage claim in their home.  The couple & their young son experienced a staggering list of abominable symptoms including: memory loss, scarred lungs, asthma, diarrhea and the… Read More »

Ways you’re Showcasing the Art in Your Home Incorrectly

It’s often been said that dog is man’s best friend.  After all, there’s little better than coming home from a long day at work and getting pounced on by your furry friend who behaves as if you’ve been separated for years.  If that trait alone doesn’t make your dog man’s best friend, there’s also the… Read More »

A Guide to How Granite Countertops are Priced

If you’ve ever had the experience of buying a diamond engagement ring, you understand what an ordeal it can be.  To a first-time buyer, it can be confusing how two seemingly identical rings can be thousands of dollars apart in price.  However, an educated gemologist can share with you the many factors that impact a… Read More »

Trend Alert…Remodeling for Yourself

With another New Year’s on the books, there’s sure to be a lot of talk about making fulfilling changes in your life, both literally and figuratively.  After all, a fresh start gives us all another opportunity to get things right.  Having been in the home improvement business since 1979, we’ve worked with a wide array… Read More »

7 Home Décor Trends that Won’t Survive 2016

It’s often been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  However, a trend that’s embraced by a majority of the population eventually translates into overkill, leaving us all moving on to the “next big thing.”  Here’s our list of home décor that’s overstayed its welcome and will die out in 2016. Whirlpool Bathtubs:… Read More »

Increase Your Home’s Livable Space with an Attic Bedroom

Studies have shown that the average homeowner stays in the same home for approximately 13 years.  To put this in perspective, if you bought your house 13 years ago, you could have been watching Kelly Clarkson compete on the first season of American Idol while getting ready to go to the movies and see My… Read More »

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