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A Guide to Bathroom Audio Solutions

It’s a certainty that the smart home revolution isn’t going anywhere.  From being able to receive a text when family members disengage your security system upon entry, to telling your oven to preheat on your way home from work, to it sensing when you’ve arrived home, our homes are getting smarter.  Not all smart home applications have to be practical, however.  One of the newer (and more exciting!) advances in home technology is bathroom audio solutions.  Here’s what you need to know!

Showerhead: One of the reasons that so many people enjoy singing in the shower is that all of the bathroom’s hard surfaces make it an ideal acoustic environment.  Regardless of whether or not you’re playing backup singer to Beyoncé, a shower with a soundtrack makes the experience more relaxing.  If completely remodeling your bathroom isn’t in the cards, many manufacturers offer showerheads with wireless speakers that allow you to stream music, audiobooks & podcasts.  For extra pizzazz, seek out a shower head that also incorporates LED lighting.  Not all showerheads are created equal, so take the time to do your research; including reading online reviews so you aren’t stuck with an inferior product.

Mirror: The evil queen in Snow White isn’t the only one who knew mirrors could be for more than just checking your reflection.  While this type of mirror won’t tell you that you’re the fairest in all of the land, there is plenty else to be excited about.  This includes the ability for some bath mirrors having the technology to play both music & movies.  They also can stream the news and provide weather updates.  An added perk of many of these mirrors is that they do not fog up.

Toilet: Yes; you read that correctly.  There are toilets now on market that utilize Bluetooth to allow the user to stream music from their smartphone, tune into local radio stations or load playlists to the SD card.  (Disclaimer: the price tag on these can run five figures; just ask Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball producer who had to cough up the money for one after the song went #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.)

Bath Fan: Bath fans have a reputation for being loud.  However, there are new bath fans on the market that are loud, but for an unconventional reason.  That’s right; bath fans are now on the market that work with your smartphone, laptop or tablet to fill your bathroom with your favorite sounds.  Some even have the ability to auto connect anytime the device(s) are within a certain range.  No charging required because they are hard-wired into your fan.

Bathtub: Kohler, ever the plumbing technology innovator, now offers VibrAcoustic technology, which in layman’s terms means that your bathtub’s soundtrack will play above & below the water.  The sound waves that play below the water have a calming effect on your muscles and promote the highest levels of relaxation.  Best of all, transducers that produced the underwater sound waves are placed behind the bathtub’s wall and do not distract from its sleek appearance.

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