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Are you frustrated with your windows failed performance? Find out what they are trying to tell you!


The windows in your home provide countless benefits such as adding natural light, protecting the indoors from the elements and let’s not forget giving us a breath of fresh air! Have you ever been worried that your windows aren’t performing as well as they used to?  Below are common issues that arise with windows in your home and how to fix them.

Do you see condensation forming in between the glass panels?

Your window is telling you that the seals in between your double or triple pane window have started to fail and deteriorate, letting outside air into your home. The condensation is moisture getting trapped in between the panes of glass causing those little droplets you see or it has become foggy.

Solution – We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this indication is only completely remedied by replacing your window.

Do you notice condensation that forms in the corners or bottom of the window glass?

This is a red flag that your home is most likely not ventilated properly and has a high level of moisture.

Solution – The good news is that this issue is not related to the performance of your windows, but you must adjust the ventilation in your home. If not remedied, you will be dealing with issues of mold, mildew and rotting wood sills. There is a fine balance between having comfortable moisture in your home and having it too dry you can’t even breathe.

Do you notice condensation in the center of the window glass?

This screams that there is most likely a gas leak in your window. The gas that is used in double and triple pane windows, called argon, leaks out from between the panes causing the glass to bow inward actually causing the center of the panes to touch. You might even see somewhat of a rainbow effect in the glass.

Solution – Once you have an issue with gas leaking out of your window, it no longer possesses the properties to properly insulate your home and should be replaced. The argon gas’ sole purpose is to insulate your window. It is possible that your window may be covered under warranty if this happens prematurely so make sure to check with your manufacturer.

Is your first thought brr when you walk by a window?

You could have one of two issues going on here. Your window is most likely single-paned and you should upgrade to double or triple paned. The weather-stripping around the sashes might need to be replaced. Stopping the draft will dramatically decrease your energy bills, another win!

Solution – Upgrade your window to one that has a higher U-value. The lower the “U” value of a window, the more insulation power you will. You can try and replace the weather-stripping on your window, but that will just be a temporary fix until it feels drafty again.

Are you having issues with your double-hung windows opening and closing?

The wood on a window swells when they are damp or there is a lot of humidity. You could also be having an issue with faulty mechanisms, such as the springs, making them more difficult to operate.

Solution – You can gently plane or sand down your wood panes to make them easier to slide year-round. If you think the culprit is the mechanisms, which can fail as early as five years after install, you may be able to get a replacement part from the manufacturer. Consider using silicon to help the track slide more easily.

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