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Kitchen Sink Material Cheat Sheet

When selecting the material for your kitchen sink, there are many things to consider. Obviously, your personal taste should rank close to the top of the list. But what about other practical options such as material, its appearance over time and color? Finding a sink that encompasses all of your needs can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Below, we’ve weighed in on some of the most popular kitchen sink materials

Stainless Steel-Not surprisingly, a vast majority of kitchen sinks are comprised of stainless steel. That’s because this material provides quality and stability at a reasonable sun tunnelprice. It’s also a breeze to clean and is unaffected by hot and cold temperatures alike. Stainless steel sinks will not rust. A downside is that they are louder than some other materials. When choosing a stainless steel sink, you have your option between different gauges. A lower gauge number means a thicker metal that holds up better to denting and rust spots.





Soapstone Sinks-Soapstone is generally dark gray in color and are constructed by connecting slabs of soapstone with an epoxy to create the sink basin. This trendy material is pricier than stainless steel but stands up to test of time. It’s sought after because it is unhurt by heat and is stain resistant. A downside is that soapstone must be treated with mineral oil in order to maintain its luster, or the evenness of the surface will be compromised. It also scratches easily so care must be taken when handling dishes in this type of sink. It’s worth noting that small scratches can be reversed with a combination of sandpaper and mineral oil; large nicks and scratches require full sink replacement.

Copper-If you’re looking to make your sink a focal point in your kitchen, copper can be a great choice because of its beautiful color. They can have patterns hammered into them or can simply be finished in order to keep the original copper color. By its nature, copper has several antimicrobial properties which means that bacteria in this type of sink will die in a matter of hours, instead of weeks. Copper does not rust, though the metal will negatively react to acids, heat and harsh cleaners. Be sure to opt for a high gauge sink, as lower gauge copper sinks can warp and dent which can require repair or replacement.

Cast Iron-Homeowners that gravitate towards cast iron sinks appreciate that they come in a rainbow of colors and have high life expectancy. They are coated in shiny enamel that protects against water spots, but not scuff marks or chipping. Impact from heavy objects or use of abrasive cleaners can compromise the enamel and cause rust to formulate. Cast iron sinks are heavy and because of this, they require a kitchen counter design that can handle all of the weight. Their weight also makes installation trickier than other types and it’s a good idea to utilize the services of a reputable, licensed professional, to assist with this task.

Fireclay- Fireclay resembles the look of cast iron but is actually clay that is baked at an extremely hot temperature. Perks of this material is that it does not scratch, stain or chip easily. They are simple to clean. Like cast iron, they are heavy and require special care when installing. They are a premium product, often imported from Europe and are priced accordingly.

Porcelain-Also known as ceramic, porcelain is a combination of clay, glass and metal. Porcelain sinks are great at preventing leakage because they absorb very little moisture. sun tunnelThey come in a variety of colors. Porcelain sinks are a little tricky to clean because heavy duty scrubbing pads can scratch them. As your sink ages, it will start to develop stains that cannot be expunged. Sturdiness is a concern with this type of sink and cracking can result in the need to replace the entire sink, though a repair can always be attempted.



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