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Five Reasons Installing Your Own Gutters is a Colossal Mistake

It’s easy to kill an hour, or let’s be honest, an afternoon, sifting through sites like YouTube and Pinterest getting pointers on how to complete your home projects.  The gurus showcasing their skills exude confidence in their talent and make even the most complex tasks look effortless.  What they fail to promote is the idea… Read More »

How to Shop for a Patio Door

How to Shop for a Patio Door Shopping for a patio door is hardly an everyday task and can be completely overwhelming.  Two of the most important choices you’ll encounter are the style and the material of the patio door.  Below, we’ve compiled a cheat sheet to make this task easier! Styles Hinged-This door configuration,… Read More »

Smart Home Technology Cheat Sheet

If you’ve been doing your homework in preparation for a home renovation project, you’ve likely come across a lot of information regarding smart home technology.  It’s no secret that there is nothing but choices when it comes to this feature within your home.  However, this can make putting a plan together rather tricky, so allow… Read More »

A How-to Guide for Removing Sap & Pollen from the Exterior of Your Gutters

Earlier this month, a bill was introduced in Ontario that would prohibit schools from including plants in their landscaping that can cause allergies to flare up.  While it’s speculated that the bill will have a tough time passing, it does highlight the fact that a property’s landscaping can be problematic.  After all, some trees emit… Read More »

Window Myths Debunked

Since our company’s inception in 1979, we’ve had the privilege of working with more than 75,000 happy homeowners with expertise in countless fields.  Whether it’s the key to growing award winning geraniums or the secret behind succulent ribs, it’s safe to say that each homeowner we meet with has taught us a thing or two… Read More »

Five Ways Open Style Gutters Can Leave You Disappointed

What do gas station sandwiches, participating in your office’s Secret Santa pool and movie sequels have in common?  They always seem like a good idea at the time, but quickly leave you disappointed.  If the home improvement industry were to ever compile a list of such items, it’s a certainty that open style gutters would… Read More »

Don’t Hire an Architect Without Asking These Six Questions

There’s no way around it, hiring an architect can be an intimidating task.  After all, you’re entrusting the execution of your dream home to someone you’ve recently met.  A good start can be to ask family and friends about any experiences they may have had with someone that has this skill set.  It’s also wise… Read More »

Taking Off in 2016…Transom Windows

Transom windows are hardly a new home feature.  In fact, they’ve been utilized in architecture for centuries, especially before air conditioning was a common household feature.  There’s expected to be an uptick in the installation of them this year, as homeowners’ strive to find ways to incorporate as much natural light in their homes as… Read More »

Trend Alert…Xeriscaping

Water is a resource that’s often taken for granted until it is becomes scarce.  Last month, the White House held a World Water Day Summit to discuss water sustainability.  Corporations like Kellogg Company, Anheuser-Bush & Levi-Strauss & Co. were recognized for their efforts to reduce the amount water they utilize in their manufacturing processes.  This… Read More »

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