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Hazards of Do it Yourself Insulation Jobs

If you Google the term “Pinterest fails” you’ll be bombarded with over 6 million results that show a hilarious combination of photos and antidotes from those that attempted seemingly easy projects only to fail miserably.  The common thread among the “fails” is bw308-pinterest13that the concept of something new is almost always easier than the implementation.   (Check out some of our favorites: http://www.lifebuzz.com/pinterest-fails/).  Here at Lindus Construction, we talk to homeowners’ day in and day out and one of the most frustrating scenarios they relate to us is projects that they attempted themselves that went horribly wrong because they didn’t have the skill necessary to execute the project.  One such project that can seem like an easy do it yourself task is insulation.  Before you head down to your local home improvement store and buy a bunch of rolls of insulation, you need to know the hazards of going at it alone on this type of project.

Choosing the Right Insulation-Insulation technology is continuously advancing andInstalling Fiberglass in an Attic - Copy there are lots of different types of insulation available: spray foam, blown-in cellulose, fiberglass, etc.  The type of project you are undertaking will determine type of insulation you should use.  Choosing the wrong type can be a waste of money, as the insulation may not even be effective.

Protecting Yourself-There are health risks associated with installing insulation and sgproper protective gear must be worn to ensure safety.  Fiberglass insulation is comprised of several materials including fine metal and stone particles.  Exposure to the skin can cause hives & itching.  Failure to wear safety glasses can cause blindness and inhalation of insulation fumes can harm your lungs.





Light Fixture Considerations- An amateur installing insulation may not realize it, but care must be taken to keep insulation not directly on recessed light fixtures or too close to recessed can lightwater heaters.  Blown-in insulation has the tendency to drift and must be installed in a way that does not allow it to cover recessed light fixtures.  Likewise, wiring should not be wrapped in insulation.  The consequence of ignoring these recommendations can result in a house fire.

Understanding the Vapor Barrier- It’s a rookie mistake to remove the backing from fiberglass insulation.  It is placed there intentionally and is referred to as a ‘vapor barrier’.  Its purpose is to route moisture throughout your home.  Another mistake with vapor barriers is to not place it against the wall, so it is not visible, and failure to do this can lead to mold and rot.

Ignoring Gaps-Gaps in insulation can result in moisture penetrating it and the insulation becoming damaged.

Too Tight of Insulation- Insulation regulates temperature by trapping air in the home closeup-spray-foam-insulationrather than allowing it to pass through the walls and escape outdoors.  If insulation is packed in too tight, you restrict the amount of air that the insulation can trap, minimizing its capabilities.

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