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How to Find the Right Window Treatments


Textures, colors, patterns…oh my! All of these factors come into play when choosing a window treatment and if you’ve put this task off because you’re overwhelmed, we understand! When thinking of purchasing window treatments for your home, set aside style considerations and think of function first. This will drastically limit your choices, making your decision a lot easier



When thinking of what type of texture to use for your window treatments, consider the mood of the room. For formal spaces you may consider using velvet or silky rayon blends. For a more casual feel a billowy linen or cotton on cotton blend will give it a crisp, clean feel.



Color, color, color?! That is the question. The biggest factor in choosing the right color to fit your needs is do you want it to blend in with the room or pop? If you mission is to blend your window treatments with your room, you will want to pick a color that is the same tone as your walls, but a few shades darker. You can also choose a non-dominant color, pulling from a piece of furniture in your room such as a unique couch. Is your style more vibrant? If so, choosing a complimentary color in a bright color will add pizazz to any pad.


Patterns & Prints

The biggest rule of thumb when it comes to using patterns or prints is if you have solid color bedding or furniture, patterns will look very nice and add character to your room. If you have patterned furniture or bedding, stay away from patterns and solid colors will be your best friend. Too much of either one will make a room look more distracting than Zen. Also, consider where the sun will shine through your curtains that will also infuse your room.


How long and wide should your treatments be?

Floor length is, and probably always will be, the way to go when it comes to length. Many window treatments are available in lengths from 63” to 144”. To figure out the length you want and need, measure form the floor up to your rod. Always round up on measurement because you can always hem them. Floor length curtains should not be shorter than a ½” above the floor. A new trend right now is having your window treatments extend onto the floor by three inches, giving it a trouser look. To ensure that your treatments look ample and draped when shut, make sure they have a combined width that is two times the width of the window.


Where to mount your treatment?

Most of the time curtain brackets are hung on the wall above and outside the window molding. It will allow your fabric to fall gracefully to the floor. If you want to create an illusion that your window is taller than it is, mount the bracket 4-6 inches above your window frame. Don’t really go any higher than 6 inches because it will look awkward. You can also extend your rod 3-6 inches beyond your frame on either side of the window which will make it feel larger and allow the most light into your room when the curtains are open.

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