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Should Your Next Roof be Metal?

Consumers may think of metal roofing as a trend that grew popularity in the late 20th century, but actually has a much longer history.  Historical structures that have stood the test of time that had metal roofs include: the Pantheon in Rome, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the Washington Monument.  In recent times, it has become a popular choice for home owners for reasons we’ll discuss in the article below.

Life Expectancy: One of the biggest perks of metal roofing is its long life expectancy.  Depending on the metal roof you select, it can last 50 years or more, quite possibly makingroof-21-300x225 it the last roof you’ll ever have to buy.  The longevity of the metal roof also increases your home’s value.





Painting Capabilities: Not sure that you want the same look on your home for the next 50 years?  Not to worry-metal roofing can be repainted.

Insurance Discounts: A steel roof is the most fire safe roof because it is classified as a noncombustible roof with the highest rating given.  Because of this, some insurance companies offer discounts because of the increased fire protection a metal roof offers.  Metal roofs have the highest impact resistance and hail rating, another reason you may be eligible for an insurance discount.

Eco-Friendly: Home owners that select metal roofs also likely enjoy the fact that metal roofs are from recycled steel and aluminum material and are 100 % recyclable.

Noise Resistance: A common misconception is that metal roofing is loud.  This is true with barns and sheds where the metal is visible to the interior.  In a home, your attic and insulation serve as sound barriers making it no less noisy than traditional roofing systems.

Lightweight: Metal roofs weigh 1/3 less than asphalt roofing, meaning that your home roof-1-300x225will be under less stress holding your roof up.






Durability: A metal roof won’t rot, crack or split; it is much more resistant to nature’s elements than traditional roofing systems.

Energy Efficiency: Metal roofs have coatings that prevent 75 to 80 percent of the sun’s energy from being absorbed into the roof.  They can reduce roof surface temperatures by 60 to 70 degrees.  Because of their reflectivity, a metal roof can save a homeowner up to 40% on their energy bills.

Sheds Snow & Ice: Because of its surface, a metal roof is not a collection site for snow and ice in the winter months; this means that homeowners who choose metal roofing systems do not have to deal with ice dams during harsh winters.

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