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Eden Prairie, MN GAF Roofing & LeafGuard Gutter Project

It’s no secret that hail can cause serious damage to your home.  Dealing with the insurance company and warding off storm chasing contractors can quickly become overwhelming.  Denny was a past client of ours when his home in Eden Prairie, MN suffered hail damage.  He appreciated the fact that we could work with him to… Read More »

How to Avoid Property Damage from Winter Weather

Winter is not only cold, long and sometimes uncomfortable; it can also mean endless possibilities for damage to occur on your home because of snow, ice and other unforeseen circumstances. Making the right moves to stave off winter home disasters down the road is critical when dealing with unpredictable weather. Below are some ways to… Read More »

Your Roof-Hail Damage vs. Old Shingles

After a hail storm, homeowners are often curious to see whether their roof has experienced enough damage to be eligible for an insurance claim.  A trained professional is able to analyze whether a deteriorating roof is the result of hail damage or a roof simply nearing the end of its lifespan.  In this blog, we’ll… Read More »

Roofing: Repair vs. Replacement

Oftentimes when potential clients call Lindus Construction for a roofing estimate, they’ll indicate that they are unsure of whether their roof needs to be repaired or replaced.  We assure them that having a professional provide them with an estimate is the best way to determine the lifespan left on their roof.  Are you questioning whether… Read More »

My Roof’s Shingles are Curling-What’s Up With That?

You’ve likely figured it out…curling shingles on your roof aren’t a good thing.  If this is occurring at your home, you’re probably wondering why it’s happening.  Allow us to explain likely reasons: 1) Inadequate Ventilation: A roof ventilation system works by pulling in outside air from intake vents placed on the lower part of the… Read More »

More than Just Shingles-The Components of an Asphalt Roof

When researching what you need to know before hiring a professional to assist in a home improvement project, you’ll oftentimes find that it’s recommended that you contact at least 3 companies to give you an estimate.  Price is one of the driving factors many homeowners consider when choosing whom to hire.  It can often be… Read More »

Flashing-A Roof Leak Preventative

When it comes to replacing your roof, homeowners spend a lot of time selecting shingle style and color.  There’s nothing wrong with this, especially when you consider that companies like GAF put out roofing systems that have non-prorated warranties that last 50 years.   But it’s also, if not equally more important, to understand the components… Read More »

Can I Install a New Roof Over My Old One?

Installing a new roof is a sizable investment and most homeowners want to ensure that they’re being wise with their money.  As a cost-saving measure, some may look to eliminate the cost of the tear-off of the old roof by simply roofing the new roof over the old one.  It may seem like a good… Read More »

The Down Low on Hot Roofs

Traditionally in the Midwest, homes are insulated with fiberglass or cellulose insulation. However, a newer trend being seen in homes is the use of spray foam insulation. Just as the name implies, this type of insulation comes in spray cans. It’s a combination of resin and chemicals such as polyurethane & isocyanides. As the insulation… Read More »

Should Your Next Roof be Asphalt or Metal?

Your roof is arguably the most important surface of your home because it is the most exposed area and comes under assault from rain, snow, wind and the sun.  This being said, many homeowners do not think about their roof until there is a leak already happening, a large blizzard coming on the radar or… Read More »

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