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Ways to Speed Up Your Siding’s Lifespan

If your house were a living & breathing organism, siding could be likened to skin because it protects the interior.  Much like how lack of sleep, too much sun and an unhealthy diet can cause one’s skin to age rapidly, there are several reasons siding can age quicker than it should.  Here are a few of them.

Water Damage: It’s crucial that your gutters are in good working order so that water is 1redirected away from your home and not pouring onto your siding every time it rains.  Cracked siding can cause water to penetrate behind the siding which, over time, can cause harm to your home.

Large Trees: Oversized shade trees are a point of pride on most properties.  However, when they’re planted too close to a home and branches are not trimmed, property damage can occur.  Trees branches rubbing up against your siding can cause it to wear out quicker than it normally would.  In addition, if a strong windstorm comes through, it can cause a tree to fall on your home, inflicting costly damage. 

Amateur Hour: Most of us wouldn’t have a problem visiting a cosmetology school for a facial at a reduced rate.  Even though it may not be perfect, the price is right!  However, we’re willing to bet that far fewer people would redeem a free tattoo offer by someone who “thinks” they’ve got the hang of it.  The same thought process can go for siding.  Siding is one of the most prevalent characteristics of a home and a significant investment.  Consider this, improper caulking around windows and incorrect installation of kickout flashing can cause water to penetrate behind the siding and cause significant damage that may not be noticed for a length of time.  The cost to fix this is thousands of dollars.  Such areas should be routinely inspected by a homeowner to ensure they are in good working order.  Entrusting this work to to just anyone with a pickup truck and a toolbox may sound like a good way to save money but the costs to repair or replace damage from inexperienced installers simply isn’t worth the long-term consequences.

Climate Consideration: A siding professional can be a great resource for consulting on the types of siding that make the most sense in your climate.  Have you ever noticed that
properties in tropical climates trend towards lighter siding?  That’s because lighter shades sideabsorb much less heat than darker ones.  A perk to this is a savings in energy bills, especially in the summer months.  Curious to see how the siding will hold up down the road?  Ask your sider to share addresses of previous customers to get a feel of how the material will withstand the test of time.

Neglect: From time to time, dirt can cause your home’s exterior to look worn and run-down.  Routinely washing your home’s siding can keep it looking its best.  Be mindful that
cleaning strategies vary by product.  Consult with the installing contractor of the manufacturer to ensure that chemicals and manner of cleaning do not void your warranty. 

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