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Ways You’re Harming Your Home Without Even Realizing It

It seems that everything these days comes with fine print and disclaimers.  In fact, it’s not uncommon to buy something as simple as a handheld vacuum cleaner that comes with instructions in not one, but three languages.  While we applaud (and yes, sometimes snicker…) at them for being thorough, it’s interesting to think that the only paperwork you receive after closing on a home has to do with paying the piper.  The scary thing is that sometimes a homeowner can have the best of intentions and still manage to damage their home without even realizing it until the damage is done.  Here’s what you should know.

Grilling: One of the best parts about your new backyard is the ability to host barbeques for your friends.  We’re willing to bet you’ve spent a lot more time scouring Pinterest for
the latest and greatest homemade guacamole recipes than you have thinking about how grilling can harm your home’s siding.  If your grill is too close to your siding, it can cause it to melt, or in extreme cases, catch fire.  Additionally, grilling on your deck without a grill mat can cause your deck to stain.

Power Washing: Power washing can be a quick way to clean, but it can be equally as quick at inflicting damage to your home.  It’s vital that you switch tips based on the distance the water is traveling.  Operating at too high of a setting can cause paint peeling, dislocate siding and scratch a multitude of surfaces including wood, brick & concrete.

Installing a Satellite Dish on Your Roof: It’s important to understand that satellite dishes and antennas can affect your roofing warranty. While the fine print varies between manufacturers, oftentimes you’ll find that a satellite dish or antennae will not completely void the roofing warranty, but it may void the portion that covers leaking since drilling holes into a roof make it more susceptible to leaks.

Large Trees: Large shade trees are a point of pride on most properties.  However, when they’re planted too close to a home and branches are not trimmed, property damage can occur.  Trees branches rubbing up against your roof and siding can cause the materials to
wear out quicker than they normally would.  In addition, if a strong windstorm comes through, it can cause a tree to fall on your home, inflicting costly damage.  Your foundation can also be damaged by large trees.  How?  A tree’s roots can extend out three times beyond the height of the tree.  If the tree is in close proximity to the home, it can damage a foundation and crack walls.

Not Changing Your Furnace Filter:  Every furnace has a filter and periodically, it will become clogged from particles floating in your home’s air.  It’s important to routinely change the furnace filter.  Doing so will not only keep your home’s air cleaner, but will reduce the strain on your furnace which can cause it to fail prematurely, costing you thousands of dollars.

Foregoing Window Shades: If you’ve got a million dollar view, it can be tough justifying the need for window shades.  However, repeated exposure to direct sunlight can
cause your furniture’s fibers to become coarse and break down.  In order to keep furniture and wall art in the best shape possible, install window shades and draw them during the brightest periods of a day.  Lack of window shades can also cause your wood floors to discolor from overexposure to the sun.


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