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Proactive Home Storm Damage Repair Guide

11 April 2020

It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure.  One area of homeownership where this particularly applies is roof replacement.  Savvy homeowners understand the importance of having recent photos of the exterior of their home on file, along with a full copy of their home insurance policy with the contact information for their local insurance agent, and a list of reputable contractors that can be of assistance if the need arises.  This prevents emotion decision making and signing a contract with roofing storm chasers.

roof install

While the technology exists to pull roofing dimensions without hand measuring, a visual inspection provides a contractor the ability to diagnose issues that could go unnoticed, ensuring a better long-term result. An added benefit is that in-person roof inspections have a lower incidence of unintended project costs occurring once work has commenced because visual issues can be identified.

A roofing expert can also providence guidance on shingle styles and colors.  Manufacturers like GAF, offer shingles that releases algae-fighting copper in order to keep your roof looking its best over time.  This is particularly helpful for homes in close proximity to Oak trees that shade the roof, creating an ideal environment for algae to thrive.  Another exciting roofing innovation by GAF is the Glenwood® Lifetime Designer Shingle.  It’s custom-manufactured to imitate the aesthetics of cedar shake roofs without the expensive maintenance which can include annual chemical treatments that prevent moss growth.  Nearby trees should be trimmed back to prevent persistent shady spots that can prevent the roof from ever fully drying out.  Cedar shake roofs also need to be inspected to ensure there are no missing shakes, which can lead to home water damage.

Another area of a home that is frequently damaged in storms is the siding.  Because of its lifespan, many homeowners can feel uncertain about the best present-day siding materials.  Quality Edge steel siding and LP® SmartSide®  prefinished in Diamond Kote® are both popular homeowner selections because of their industry-leading finish warranties, eliminating the worry of fading paint.

Owners of historic homes can find it challenging to select new windows that are both energy efficient and complementary of the home’s architecture.  Infinity® from Marvin Windows offer an optimum solution because they are offered in an array of shapes, sizes, styles and finishing options.


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