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07 July 2018

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement questions answered by calling 651-989-9226 or texting 81807.  Here’s must-know information from our in-house deck specialist, Luke Panek, shared on 7.7.18.

Homeowners that prefer to expand the time period they’re able to enjoy their deck often opt for a three season porch.  In the past, screens were the primary way three season porches were enclosed.  For homeowners that want to extend the use of their three season porch as long as possible, we recommend the use Sunspace Porch windows.  Spanning from the floor to the ceiling, they create a sense of openness.  Don’t let the term “window” deceive you.  The product is actually a polycarbonate that holds up well to Mother Nature, but can still be washed like an ordinary window.  An advantage porches with Sunspace Windows have over screened in porches is that maintenance is easier because dust and pollen cannot penetrate the windows.

3 season porch

Click here to learn more about this three season porch project that utilized Sunspace Windows.  

When it comes to the construction of a deck, most homeowners opt for composite deck designs over wooden ones.  While this decision may cost more upfront, it prevents the need for the tedious task of future deck staining.  For homeowners that love the look and feel of a wooden deck, it’s highly recommended that a maintenance-free railing system be installed.  The most popular Minneapolis low maintenance deck material the homeowners we work with opt for is Zuri®.  Designed to emulate the look of exotic wood, this deck wins favor with homeowners for its beauty and unmatched durability.

Get a behind the scenes look at a Zuri® decking project completed by our team:

As a general rule, the darker the deck color, the more heat it absorbs, causing a hot surface temperature.  Placement of the deck also matters.  South facing decks tend to have the hottest surfaces and warrant the installation of a canopy system.

Listen to the entire show here: 

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