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A Word About Winter Window Replacement

27 November 2019

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that replacement window installation can happen year-round.  The rough opening of the window is exposed to Mother Nature for such a short time frame in order to protect the home from damage.  Window installers are also careful to only work on window at a time.  If window installation takes multiple days, the old windows remain in place overnight.  Insulating foams and sealants that are made for cold weather ensure that there are no issues which shrinkage or adhesion.

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The homeowners that have the most long-term satisfaction with their home window replacement project opt for windows that are custom ordered for the opening they are being installed in.  Infinity® Replacement Windows from Marvin are a highly reliable window because they are manufactured by a company based in Minnesota.  This allows them to have superior knowledge of the extreme weather conditions the windows must withstand.  This is evident by the inside pane of glass being warmer than other major brands.   Marvin Infinity® windows also imitate the aesthetics of wood without the concern of damage from moisture.  Even more appealing is that the windows can be color matched to a home’s preexisting woodwork.

Watch Marvin Replacement Windows Being Installed by Our Craftsmen: 

When comparing window manufacturers, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the jargon the manufacturers use to disclose their product.  Some homeowners automatically assume that triple pane windows are always superior in quality to double pane.  While triple pane can be better than double pane, the answer comes down to the actual manufacturer of the product and the amount of thermal transfer within the window. Many triple pane windows have glass packs that are close together.  This allows the cold exterior air to filter from the outside pane inward, making them less effective than double pane window lines like Infinity® from Marvin.

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Regardless of the window manufacturer you choose, the most important component of a window project is the installation techniques utilized by your contractor.  Full frame window replacement allows the contractor to fully address any moisture and air infiltration issues because the windows are completely removed down to the studs.  The same cannot be said for insert window replacement, where the new windows are installed with the frame already in place.  While insert window replacement is cheaper because it is less labor intensive, the homeowners that experience the most long-term satisfaction with their windows are those that opted for full frame window replacement.

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