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Bathtub Style Guide

08 February 2016

Oftentimes, your bathtub is the feature that takes up the most square footage in your bathroom.  That makes it imperative that it’s not only a color and material that you adore, but also a style that fits your personal tastes.  If you’re in the market for a new bathtub, here’s what you need to know about the most common styles!

Alcove Bathtub:  Most often rectangular, alcove bathtubs are those that hug the wall on every side except its entrance.  They are the most common type of bathtub, largely due to their low price point and they ability to integrate a shower within it.  They also earn high marks for being easy to install.  A common complaint about this style is that they aren’t very roomy and are tough for an adult to bathe in, though they can easily accommodate children and pets.

Walk-In Bathtub: Two thirds of injuries that occur in the bathroom happen in the bathtub & shower.  A walk-in tub has a door on its front or side that allows occupants to enter the tub without having to worry about tripping on the lip of the bathtub.  Many also include handrails and riveted seating to allow the occupant to navigate the bathtub as safely as possible.  From a comfort standpoint, some people find it unpleasant to sit in the tub as it fills and wait again to exit as it drains.  Before installing this type of tub, verify if your water heater is robust enough to handle a walk-in tub.

Clawfoot Bathtub: This freestanding style allows the homeowner to dictate its placement within the bathroom and many homeowners opt to make their clawfoot tub the focal point of the room.  A drawback to them is that they aren’t intended to be showered in.  If you do install a showerhead, you’ll have to install a 360 degree shower curtain and rod which detracts from the tub’s classic look.  It’s also tricky to clean underneath them.

Whirlpool Bathtub: It’s impossible not to relax while sitting in a whirlpool bath having all your aches and pains massaged away by the jets, something that other types of bathtubs cannot offer.  However, this feature makes it pricier than most other types.  The jets also require special maintenance in order to keep them free of bacteria & mold.

Drop-In Bathtub: A drop-in tub can be a natural fit if it’s a modern bathroom you crave.  Because it is dropped in, only the rim of the tub is visible.  The sides, because they are concealed, are left unfinished.  Because they come in a variety of shapes, they are great for homeowners that like options.  They’re also easy to clean and its ledge makes it a great spot to house your personal care products.  They’re also reasonably priced.  Be sure to select a comfortable height so that you don’t have issues entering and leaving the tub.

Corner Bathtub: Homeowners that utilize the corner bathtub solution can appreciate the fact that this set-up maximizes a bathroom’s square footage.  When compared to basic bathtub/shower combo, a corner tub holds a much greater capacity of water and makes them optimum for soaking.  A draw-back to a corner tub is that a shower does not accompany it. Do know that it takes a significant amount of time and water to fill them.