Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Mudroom to Your Home!

21 January 2013

If you are unfamiliar with the term “mudroom”, it is a room in your home that acts as a portal between the outdoors and indoors. More commonly seen in country homes, they’re becoming more popular in city homes as well. Mudrooms seem like a natural necessity here in the Midwest because of the four seasons especially our wet springs and snowy winters. Mudrooms allow organization of tangible items that we use and wear every day such as shoes, coats, backpacks, sporting equipment soiled or wet clothing preventing dirt from being tracked throughout your home. Mudrooms also come in handy for homeowners with pets allowing them to wash or dry them off before letting them in your living space.  Since a mudroom bridges the space between outdoors and indoors, if you don’t have one you can easily create one by converting current space or building an addition. Below are ideas to help inspire a mudroom in your home.

Hardest working room in your home

Your mudroom will be the hardest working room in your home due to the abuse it will endure and will require more durable and easy to clean materials. Applying beadboard or wainscoting will help prevent scratching and denting on your walls while your kids are lugging around their sporting equipment.  Using waterproof paint on your walls and trim will help with rain and snow that will be dripping off coats and boots. Linoleum, tile, concrete or resin flooring will work well tolerating muddy boots and also is less resistant to slipping when wet.

Convert your closet

Ever thought of converting a closet into a mudroom? By removing the doors, adding cubby areas, hooks for coats on the back wall and adding baskets for storage for each member of your family and voilà! You have an instant mudroom.

Create cubbies for every member of your family

Do you feel like your kids are always missing something whether it is a glove, their soccer shoes or their backpack? Well look no further when you can create everyone in your family their own cubby area to keep all of their prized possessions and necessities in one central area.  Not only will you be able to find things easier, but it will also teach everyone where to put things away keeping clutter at a minimum compared to what it used to be. Make it more personal for everyone by adding their name or initials above their cubby area.

Pet washing area

Give your dog some more TLC by making bathing easier on you and them. The new trend popping up in homes is adding a designated pet washing area in their mudroom. Instead of having to lift your dog into the tub you could now have a tiled area that they are able to walk in to clean them.  Pet washing areas also pose as a double purpose for a quick spray down area for the kids too.

Incorporate an addition

Adding a mudroom addition to your home is not going to cost you an arm and a leg because the standard size for them is usually 6’x6’ or 8’x8’. If you are intending to have your washer and dryer a part of your mudroom area you may want to increase the size of you space. If you hire a local contractor, they will be able to let you know if you could knock out walls and use and existing area or if a whole new addition would be necessary.  Either way, adding a mudroom addition will pay for itself containing dirt and used- to-be clutter all in one convenient area.