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Everything You Need to Know About Replacement Sliding Windows

31 January 2019

Home window replacement can be a daunting task. There are tons of windows to choose from and finding the perfect fit for your home takes research. Find a reputable contractor to go through your options with you and gather referral information will help validate their expertise. Check with the BBB, friends and family and do some research before starting your new project.

What Are Sliding Windows?

A sliding window is horizontal and opens by gliding from side to side joining at the sash in the middle. Acting as a double hung window turned on its side, a sliding window is an admirable choice for your home. Their installation allows for increased ventilation because both sides of the window can be opened at the same time.  In addition, they provide panoramic views.  The slender vertical lines provide a chic look to your abode.

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What Is The Best Placement For A Sliding Window?

Sliding windows best fit in places where there is more horizontal space than vertical space on your walls. Contributing a contemporary look will have you relishing in your new view. Sliding windows work terrific for rooms that require enhanced ventilation without restricting your view. Typically put in harder to reach places, sliding windows are versatile in any home design.

Pros and Cons of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are easy to maintain. With the ability of dropping down, the window can come inside the home. This allows easy access to its entirety giving you reach to clean. The hardware for a sliding window is durable and rarely need replacing, making these windows super cost efficient. Another point of convenience is that the locking mechanisms are extremely easy to use.

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One problematic issue with sliding windows is that if the sash in the middle does not seal correctly, air infiltration can take place. Having this gap in the sash can also end up creating a rattling sound if there’s a strong wind. Tracks on the sliders tend to collect dirt quicker due to exposure, which requires more attention to maintain. 

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