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Five Rookie Spray Foam Insulation Mistakes

05 December 2019

Having been in business for over 40 years, there are countless scenarios where Lindus Construction has been called upon to fix mistakes by inexperienced contactors and homeowners that waved the white flag on DIY projects.  When it comes to spray foam insulation, there are many missteps that can have detrimental long-term consequences.  Here’s a list of cardinal sins that those unfamiliar with spray foam insulation can commit.

Selecting a Cheap Material: Not all spray foams are created equally.  Those of a lesser quality fail to adhere to the surface they’re being installed on.  If moisture levels within the spray foam insulation are incorrect, there can even be concerns of mold and mildew growth.

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Incorrect Mix: For the chemicals in spray foam insulation to stick to the area they’re being applied to, they must be properly mixed on-site at the correct ratio and temperature.  Equipment must be correctly calibrated and be in good working order.  Tell-tale signs that the spray foam was not mixed properly include lingering smells and a waxy debris.

Ignoring a Layered Approach: Spray foam insulation must be installed in a quick, even, controlled manner.  A common rookie mistake is not understanding that spray foam insulation must be installed in layers and that each pass needs to expand and cool before another can be added.  Varying from this means the first layer may not have as much volume as it should, making the foam less effective and contributing to higher long-term energy costs.  There’s also risk of a perpetual, pungent odor because the spray foam became too hot.

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Rushing Through the Job: Rushing through a spray foam application can create rifts and even leave spots that have been missed, which will create unnecessarily high energy bills.  This makes it important that you don’t pressure an insulation contractor to move you up on their schedule or quickly complete the work once they arrive at your home.

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Failure to Protect Your Home: Before it dries, the consistency of spray foam insulation is like that of a heavy glue or paint.  Upon contact, spray foam is designed to suction itself to the surface it’s sprayed on and then expand.  Even reputable installers can have issues with overspray.  Recognizing this, they go out of their way to clear rooms of furniture, wall hangings, light fixtures, etc. Items that cannot be moved should be shrouded to protect from overspray.  Once spray foam is applied to an incorrect surface, it can be impossible to fully remove.

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