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Four Reasons Why a Visual Inspection is Necessary When Quoting an Insulation Project

12 December 2019

Every Saturday morning for the better part of a decade, our company has hosted a call-in home improvement radio show on WCCO 830 AM.  In that time, we’ve fielded questions about industry trends, DIY projects, and building materials.  On occasion, homeowners will call us for feedback on experiences they’ve had with other contractors.  A few weeks ago, a homeowner called in and told us that he’d been requesting insulation estimates from multiple contractors.  One of the contractors the homeowner had reached out to had asked him to forward the other estimates he had so that he could bid off those, without ever having visited the home.  Suffice it to say, the homeowner was uninterested in continuing the conversation any further.  Here’s why it’s so important that your insulation contractor takes the time to visit your attic prior to showing up to complete the work.

Evaluation of Current Insulation: Having the ability to evaluate your home’s current insulation allows reputable contractors the ability to determine if it can be added to or most be removed and replaced.  They are trained to recognize insulation that has been damaged by moisture or animals that have made their way into your attic.  They also have the training to recognize insulation with the potential for asbestos and vermiculite.

Accurate Measurements: A key aspect that impacts the price of an insulation project is the square footage of the attic.  For those that don’t do this on a regular basis, this can be trickier than it sounds.  Attic areas are not always perfect squares.  The spacing between studs must also be considered.  Contractors also need to inspect for recessed lighting, chimneys, and combusting air inlets.  Botching any of these measurements can throw off the amount of insulation needed and cause the overall completed project price to vary from the original quote.

cellulose insulation

Material Suggestions: Without having eyes on the project, it can prove challenging for an insulation contractor to determine the best type(s) of insulation that should be used.  Visiting your home prior to the project also allows insulation contractors the ability to perform diagnostic testing with smoke sticks and FLIR imaging to determine all the areas where your home may be leaking energy.

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Inspecting Attic Ventilation: It’s critical that an insulation contractor evaluate the attic’s current air flow so that moisture can exit the attic without causing damage, such as mold.  Inadequate ventilation can cause attic temperatures to be unnecessarily hot in the summer which can cause your shingles to age prematurely.  Quality insulation contractors can also identify if your bathroom fan is blowing into the attic.  This situation proves problematic because moisture, mold, and odors are frequently the result.

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