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Four Signs You Need New Siding

25 January 2018

One of the biggest determinants of a home’s curb appeal is its siding.  More important than that is the material’s ability to act as a protective membrane of your home.  Siding that’s worn out should be swiftly addressed in order to prevent severe damage to your house.  Here are several signs siding should be replaced.  Noticing any of these four spells trouble.

Bubbled or Faded Siding:  If your siding is no longer smooth, bubbling signals serious troubles.  That’s because it’s an indication that water has become trapped within the siding. When this happens, dry rot occurs.   Full eradication of dry rot is crucial because failure to do so can result in it reappearing.  The only way to kill dry rot is to kill its source of moisture.  Once this has been accomplished, the affected areas must be dried completely.  From there, the fungus that caused the dry rot must be treated before damage can be repaired.  In most cases, a siding’s color is designed to last as long as the material.  If a siding has aged to the point where the color has discolored, it’s often proof that the material has reached the end of its

Mold & Peeling Interior Paint:  If your home seems to have quickly taken on a musty odor, it’s probable your siding is to blame.  Why?  Siding that has the inability to ward off moisture will allow moisture to infiltrate your home.  Mold growth near a siding’s seams is a telltale sign this is happening.  Interior paint that continuously needs touch-up due to peeling is another way to tell that water is penetrating your home’s siding and reaching all the way to in interior.  Ignoring this problem can be costly and pose a health hazard to your family.

Watch the Prep Work that Goes into Our Siding Installation:

Infestation by Pests:  Here’s a scary fact, a dime-sized hole is a large enough space for an adult mouse to squeeze through.  This fact alone should make you closely reexamine your siding for any holes.  Mice that find their way through can become trapped between your home’s siding and walls.  If you’ve got wooden siding, beware of termites that can compromise its integrity by feeding on it.  With termites, come the woodpeckers that feed on them.   A reliable gutter system, like LeafGuard® can assist with prevention because it filters water away from home.  Without water, termites cannot survive.  Better yet, opt for a maintenance-free siding, such as LP® SmartSide® that wards off these pests altogether.

A Spike in Utility Bills:  There can be many reasons for this including failed windows and insufficient insulation.  However, if a reputable professional has already helped you rule those out, your siding may be to blame.  This is due to the fact that cracking in your siding can invite exterior air into your home, overworking your HVAC system.


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