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Five Reasons Installing Your Own Gutters is a Colossal Mistake

19 September 2016

It’s easy to kill an hour or let’s be honest, an afternoon, sifting through sites like YouTube and Pinterest getting pointers on how to complete your home projects.  The gurus showcasing their skills exude confidence in their talent and make even the most complex tasks look effortless.  What they fail to promote is the idea that practice really does make perfect and that the probability that they’re actually completing the task for the first time is minuscule.  One project we implore you not to undertake yourself is the installation of your home’s new gutters.  Here’s why.

Climbing a Ladder: Every year, 90,000 emergency room visits are attributed to those that have injured themselves from falling off a ladder.  Without the right training and equipment, falling while installing new gutters is a real possibility.

Achieving Perfect Pitch: In order for rain gutters to properly dispel water, they need to slope gradually.  This involves correct calculations and the utilization of a leveling device.  Construction industry installers can do this in their sleep, but that’s a result of significant training and practice.  Take our word for it; no one gets this skill correct on their first-ever attempt.

Proper Support: In order for the new gutters on your home to stay intact, brackets need to be installed.  The quantity needed and the spacing between them directly correlate with the gutter’s size and weight.  Get this feature wrong and your gutters can sag or fall off your home completely.

Sacrificing Seamless Options: Big box stores sell new gutters in sections that are pieced together to fit where a homeowner chooses to place them.  The problem with this approach is that seams are created.  The issue with seams is that over time they weaken and it’s almost a certainty that you’ll be climbing up on a ladder to fix them or calling a contractor to replace your home’s gutters.

Getting Downspouts Right: Downspouts have the task of diverting water away from your home so that it cannot damage your foundation, leak into your basement or wreak havoc on your landscaping.  Without an ample quantity of them, water cannot filter out of your new gutters quickly enough in a rainstorm.  This can cause overshooting of rainwater, which can cause damage to your home and landscaping.  Too short of downspouts or those placed incorrectly can all be problematic.

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