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How to Determine if Your Roofing & Insulation Contractor is Reputable

19 October 2019

Our team answers homeowner questions every weekend on WCCO 830 AM from 9:00 am-10:00 am.  Have your most pressing home improvement questions addressed by calling or texting 651-989-9226.  Here’s the must-know information our COO, Andy Lindus, shared on 10.19.19.

Without fail, immediately following a major hail or windstorm, storm chaser contractors descend upon the affected areas canvassing neighborhoods for work.  Homeowners desperate to have the their storm damage restoration work quickly completed often fall for the scams these contractors are notorious for.  Oftentimes, if the storm damage contractor does complete the work, corners have been cut.  This proves problematic, as issues such as dry rot and roof leaks are not evident until the contractor has left the area to chase a new storm.  Quality, local contractors are often much more diligent because they thrive off of referrals, online reviews, and repeat business.  From a homeowner standpoint, having a working relationship with a local, trustworthy home improvement pro also proves advantageous because the contractor is much more likely to go the extra mile for a past customer the next time a storm hits versus a contractor that’s from out of the area.  Quality local contractors often have ample work and do not have the reputation of putting together vague contracts that they pressure homeowners to sign prior to finding out what their insurance settlement will be.

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Colder exterior temperatures provide the optimum time for homeowners to get in touch with insulation and window contractors, because their diagnostic tools can quickly detect areas of the home that leaking air.  Beware of any contractor that’s simply selling products without using tools like black lights, blower doors, smoke sticks, and infrared imaging to explain to you the deficiencies they’re seeing in your home and discussing how they plan to address them.  Steer clear of any contractor that’s simply offering to add more insulation to your attic, without talking the need for attic air sealing and how they will use it to prevent ice dams on your home.  Quality insulation contractors can also explain what your attic’s current R-value is and if upgrades to your attic’s ventilation are needed.  While it may take longer to retain the services of an insulation contractor with a sterling reputation, their ability to create a more comfortable home is well worth the wait.

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These types of professionals can have matter of fact conversations about the type(s) of insulation that make the most sense for your home’s attic.  Most often, they’ll suggest the use of cellulose and spray foam over fiberglass.  This is due to their significant air sealing properties.  Quality insulation contractors also understand that over time cellulose will develop a crust and settle more than fiberglass.  If the end goal of a project with cellulose is to achieve a R-50 level of insulation, it’s wise to start by blowing in R-60.

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Homeowners with properties that have cathedral ceilings benefit from the expertise of a reliable insulation contractor.  This type of architecture is often susceptible to ice dams.  A temporary fix can be to blow-in insulation into any accessible parts of the roof cavity.  However, the expense of such an endeavor is unlikely to warrant the project’s pay-off.  A wiser approach is to include the insulation as part of the roofing project.  A popular option is to pull up the roof decking, add spray foam and cellulose insulation, install a false roof deck with a fascia vent, and then add a metal roof.

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