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Issues That Cause Your Siding to Fail Prematurely

07 November 2017

It’s often been said that the first impression is the most important.  With that in mind, it’s tough to dispute that if your siding is in rough shape; your home’s curb appeal takes a nose dive.  The upkeep of your siding is crucial because it is the protective shell that acts as a barrier against Mother Nature.  If knowledge is power, here are the adversaries you need to protect your home against in order to keep your siding in the best possible condition.

Water Damage: Clog-free gutters in good working order go a long ways in keeping your siding in pristine condition.  They ensure that rainwater is redirected away from your home and not splashing against your siding.  If your siding is cracked, water can seep behind it which can cause serious damage.roof

Inexperienced Contractors: Siding is a substantial investment and should not be attempted by a rookie contractor.  When interviewing potential contractors, be sure to find out whether or not siding is a job they routinely perform and that they are familiar with the siding material you are opting for.  A big reason for this is that not all errors that can negatively affect the lifespan of your siding are immediately noticeable.

Mature Trees: Giant shade trees are a point of pride on most properties.  With that being said, if they’re planted too close to a home and branches are not trimmed, damage to your siding is almost a certainty. This is because trees branches rubbing up against your siding can cause premature wear.  Additionally, if a strong windstorm comes through, it can cause a tree to fall on your home, inflicting costly damage. roof

Climate Consideration: A contractor who specializes in siding is a great resource for determining the best siding material and color, yes color, for your climate. Homes in year-round warm climates tend to have lighter siding colors.  The reason being that lighter colors absorb less heat than darker colors, which can help lower energy costs.  If you’re curious to see how the siding you’re considering installing will hold up down the road, ask the installing contractor to share addresses of previous jobs to see for yourself how the material will withstand the test of time.

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Neglect: Over time, dirt and dust can cause your home’s exterior to look rundown.  Regularly washing your home’s siding can keep it looking its best.  Be mindful that cleaning strategies vary by type of siding.  Confer with the installing contractor or the manufacturer to ensure that your intended cleaning approach will not void your siding’s warranty.

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