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Making the Most of Your Small Kitchen

25 August 2012

In most homes, the kitchen is the most used room.  A small kitchen can create a nuisance since there often isn’t room for friends and family members to assemble.  In this blog, we’ll put together some suggestions of how to maximize the space you do have and even offer some tips on how to make the room appear bigger.

Paint Color: Light colors make rooms look larger and dark colors do the opposite.  A small kitchen with white cabinets, walls, appliances, and countertops will trick your eyes into believing the space is larger because there is no interruption in color.  Use more than one shade of white to create layers in the room so that it appears homey rather than sterile.  Another idea is to use similar light colors so that there are not extreme differences in the boldness of colors which can make a room appear

Lighting: Installing skylights in a small kitchen can turn it from drab to fab instantly!  The light that flows into a room from a skylight can make a small space feel roomier with this simple modification.  Recessed & track lighting also give the illusion of more space than bulkier hanging fixtures.

Clutter Elimination: A kitchen can appear smaller when countertops are cluttered.  Take a look at what’s currently sitting out.  Appliances such as toasters and pizza ovens which are not used daily should be stowed away to allow for counter space.  If possible, mount your microwave which will also free up counter space.  If you have a lot of wall décor, you may want to consider removing some of it to allow for more breathing space.  The same goes for your refrigerator; the more items you have hanging on it, the more cluttered your kitchen can

Storage: Pots & pans can take up a lot of cupboard space.  Utilize a hanging pot & pan rack to save on space and add interest to your kitchen.  Tasteful baskets or bins can also be placed on top of your refrigerator so that it can be used as a storage area.  Wire racks in cabinet or closet doors can also be used to increase storage space.

Table: Everyone hosts get-togethers from time to time, but do you really need a table that seats a dozen for day to day use?  Avoid having a table that takes up unnecessary space, especially when there is none to spare by using a drop leaf table that can be adjusted to fit the crowd you’re entertaining.  You can also eliminate your table altogether and substitute with an island.  A sizable island will double as an eating area and can also be used for storage space table

Space Savers: Attaching a magnetic knife holder to your wall can allow you to showcase your cutlery and also free up counter and cabinet space.  Paper towel dispensers and dispensers for parchment paper, aluminum foil or plastic wrap can also be mounted to the inside of a pantry door.

Cabinetry: Replacing your cabinet doors with glass fronts will create depth.  Be sure to keep your cabinets tidy as clutter can make a room feel more crowded.  Cabinets that stretch to the ceiling also make a room taller and allow for extra storage since this space could be used for little else.