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Metal Roofs: Fact vs. Fiction

29 October 2020

Our team of craftsmen recently completed a metal roofing project in Hudson, WI.  Their attention to detail was impeccable and we couldn’t wait to share it on our Facebook page.  The project received a lot of positive attention.  However, it did pique the curiosity of one of our followers that wanted to know if a metal roof created a louder home than asphalt shingles do.  It was then that we realized that there are still several misnomers about metal roofing the public still believes that are worth clarifying.  Here’s what you need to know.

Noise: A metal roof installed over an open frame, absent of sheeting and insulation will create a louder space.  This application is often used in pole barns. However, on homes, when metal roofs are installed by a reputable contractor, noise is not of a concern because the correct levels of insulation and underlayment are being utilized.  In addition, metal roofs on residential homes are fastened to the roof deck, not open rafters, which also creates a sound barrier.

hudson metal roof

Lightning Strike Potential: Extensive research by the Metal Construction Association has repeatedly demonstrated that metal roofs do not have a higher probability of being struck by lightning, when compared to other materials.  In fact, the biggest determinants or whether a structure will be struck by lighting include factors such as weather patterns, size of the building, and topography of the general area.

Durability: In many cases, metal roofs provide the potential for insurance discounts because they lower the likelihood that you will have a hail damage roof insurance claim due to their dependability.  Even more impressive is metal roofing’s ability to hold up to fire, wind, snow, and ice.

metal roof

Winter Temperatures: A common misnomer about metal roofs is that they are uncommonly cold in the winter months. In actuality, the amount and caliber of attic insulation and ventilation is the factor that plays heaviest into a roof’s winter surface temperature.

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Eco-Friendliness: For homeowners looking to lower their carbon footprint, metal roofs can be an excellent choice.  They can have a lifespan of 50 years and are comprised of recycled steel and aluminum.  Metal roofs are usually coated with treatments that are designed to ward off moss and fungus.  This forgoes the need for chemical treatments that are not environmentally friendly.

Weight: The heavier a roof is, the more stress it places on a home’s foundation.  Luckily for homeowners opting for metal, this roofing material comes in as one of the lightest roofing materials offered.

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