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Plan Your Deck Project This Winter to Enjoy It All Summer

20 December 2013

It happens every year here at Lindus Construction,  people don’t start planning their new deck project until late summer and by that time, most contractors are backed up six to eight weeks for installation so the deck gets finished right as the snow starts to fly. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the nice sunny days and cool nights grilling out on your new deck with your friends and family? Since we all seem to have more time in the winter, it is the perfect time to plan your deck project and then be able to enjoy it all summer.  Here are some helpful tips when it comes to planning your deck project.

Location, location, location!

Where you decide to build your deck is one of the most important things to consider. There are a lot of factors that you need to contemplate instead of just choosing somewhere at the rear of your home. The top five things to consider are:

  • Evaluate the terrain of your yard so you are dealing with a fairly level surface.
  • Consider how much sunlight the area receives.
  • Is the area you are choosing the most functional for what you are intending to use it for?
  • Explore the area of the site so you won’t be staring directly into your neighbor’s yard.
  • Figure out what type of soil you are dealing because that will depend on what drainage you have.deck

What style of decking fits your needs?

When it comes to decking, you have a larger array than ever before and your options are far more varied than using just plain wood. Here are some
options of decking materials to consider.

Pressure treated lumber – is the most economical approach and is the number one decking material sold today, but does have a drawback of having tendency to crack, split or warp over time.

Redwood & Cedar – has a more natural beauty compared to pressure treated lumber. It is going to cost you about three times more than pressure treated, but it will also outlast it by three to four more years.

Tropical hardwoods – are comparable in price to redwood and cedar, but the downfall is that is can be difficult to drill and cut and does not accept stain that well.

Composite – we recommend using TimberTech brand composite decking which will provide you with the look and feel of real wood without the maintenance.deck

Choosing the right stain!

Clear stain – has the shortest lifespan of the three stain categories and will allow the grain and texture of the wood on your deck to be totally visible.

UV Resistant Clear Wood Finish – contains UV blocking chemicals that provide protection from the sun. It will last 2-3 times longer than most regular clear stains.

Opaque stain – provides very little of the grain and texture of your wood to show through and is more like paint.

Semi-transparent stain – this will give you a tint to your wood, but still allow you to see the natural grain and texture. It is most appealing to people because it allows the natural of the beauty of the wood to shine through and has the lowest maintenance of all four types. We recommend using Penofin® Verde for the brand.