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Debby’s Siding, Window Wrap, and Gutter Project in Downing, WI

Since 1979, we’ve served over 75,000 happy customers.  While it’s a joy to meet new clients that come to us from reading positive online reviews, it’s a colossal compliment when the same homeowner continues to render our services on multiple home improvement projects.  The first time we completed a siding project for Debby was in 1985.  A decade later, she and her husband found themselves living in a different home that also needed siding.  Having been so pleased with our initial installation, the couple again chose us to be their siding contractor.  Following the passing of her husband, Debby downsized to a 1970’s era country rambler.  For a third time, she found herself in a home that needed new siding. bad siding

When we arrived to Debby’s Downing, WI home to examine her cedar siding, there were several signs that it needed be replaced before winter.  Her wish list also included upgraded gutters. Here are the solutions we offered to remedy the situation.

Siding & Window Wraps: A maintenance-free siding option was at the top of Debby’s wish list.  We shared with her the features of the siding materials we offer, and Debby opted for Quality Edge TruCedar® steel siding which emulates the aesthetics of actual wood, but foregoes the maintenance.  For a look of continuity, the stone siding that was on the lower half of the home was removed.  We also repaired the block foundation that previously had an access door for supplying firewood to the wood burning stove.  In order to add dimension to the home’s exterior, and protect its windows, we used Quality Edge trim coil in Andersen® Terratone® which matched perfectly with the home’s Andersen® windows.steel siding

Gutters: Cleaning gutters is a chore no homeowner likes (and rightfully so!).  At our initial meeting, we also provided Debby with a gutter estimate. Having a yard with sizable trees that covered her yard with a fair amount of leaves each fall, she opted to have us install LeafGuard® Brand Gutters.  We guarantee them to be clog-free.  That means if any debris ever gets inside that prevents the gutter from functioning as it should, we’re the ones climbing the ladder to remedy the issue.  We manufactured the new gutters on-site and cut them to the lengths that were specific to her house.  The downspout length and placement were customized to filter water away from the home to keep its landscaping intact and keep the basement dry.  The ScratchGuard™ finish warranty guaranteed that the gutters will continue to look as beautiful as the day they were installed. steel siding

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