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Doug & Patty’s Roofing & Gutter Project in Bloomer, WI

One of Doug & Patty’s favorite spots to relax on their farm was the concrete patio surrounding their home.  The spot offered a sizable place to entertain family and friends on warm summer evenings.  Earlier this year, the couple had reached out to their concrete contractor because they had noticed a few of the patio slabs had sunken over the past 15 years.  Upon inspection, the contractor had recommended that new five or six inch gutters be installed to properly channel water away from the patio.  He cautioned that without this, the concrete would need to raised again in a few years.Western WI Roof Damage

Owning a family business of their own, they turned to Lindus Construction for advice on covered gutters.  During our initial inspection of the property, we noticed that the roof had significant algae growth and that some of the shingles were so worn that they had holes in them.  It was certain that the couple’s roof would not make it through a new winter and that a roofing project was in their near future.  Here are the materials used to create a maintenance-free exterior.

gaf roof in western WI

Roofing: Initially, Doug and Patty had gravitated towards metal roofing installation because they liked the aesthetics.  However, we encouraged them to not rule out asphalt roof replacement.  While metal roofing has a lifetime warranty on the materials, the finish can wear off in 30 to 35 years.  GAF asphalt shingles not only cost less than a metal roof but also come with a 50-year, non-prorated warranty that covers both labor and materials.  In order to help them determine which material would look better on their brick farmhouse, we showed them digital renderings.  Ultimately, they chose GAF Timberline® UHD with Dual Shadow Line Lifetime Roofing Shingles. The couple appreciated that the shingles have an enhanced shadow effect, enhancing their curb appeal.  This was important to them, as their home is in a highly trafficked area.  Another attractive fact about the shingles they selected is that they are coated with StainGuard Plus™ Time-Release Technology that is specially formulated to ward off algae growth.  Our team also removed the home’s unnecessary antenna, took down the chimney to below the roof line, and framed and built a new peak to eliminate a small flat section of roofing that was vulnerable to leaking.

brick house

Gutters: Wanting to protect their new concrete patio, the couple turned to us for covered gutter options that would properly channel water away from it.  LeafGuard® Brand Gutters proved to be the optimum solution.  They’re guaranteed never to clog, which provides ultimate peace of mind, considering the gutters were installed on the home’s second story.  Not only that, but there’s no worry of routine maintenance, which could be an issue with the number of mature trees in close proximity to the home.

LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are the Only Patented, One-Piece Gutter System Guaranteed  Never to Clog: 


Upon conclusion of her project, Patty sent us the following review, “Working with Lindus was a positive experience for our roofing project!  They showed up on schedule, provided a prompt and reliable estimate (even inspected our attic with a flashlight) and answered multiple emails, phone calls, and texts.  The roofing crew was efficient, completing tear-down, installation, and cleanup all in one day.  We’re pleased with quality look of our new roof!”

salesperson and customer
Here’s Patty with her salesperson, Dave.

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