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Jon & Susan’s LeafGuard® Brand Gutter Project in Star Prairie, WI

There are a lot of reasons it’s important for a home to be equipped with seamless gutters.  First & foremost, a home’s rain gutters divert water away from the house.  This prevents water from pooling near the foundation.  When this repeatedly occurs, the foundation can weaken which results in costly repairs.  In the winter months, the absence of gutters leads to slippery frozen sidewalks and driveways.  In Jon and Susan’s case, the stain on their wooden deck was peeling and the deck’s integrity was starting to become compromised.

The home’s deck was suffering from lack of gutters.

After meeting with us to learn more about gutter installation and understand the advantages of LeafGuard® over open style configurations, the couple gave us the green light for their project.

Fascia Board Attachment: LeafGuard® attaches to a home’s fascia board, not the roof.  In a majority of cases, a roof’s warranty is voided if gutters interfere with a house’s shingles.

Seamless Design: Because LeafGuard® utilizes a single piece of aluminum, there’s no concern about color matching the gutter and hood.  Seams also create an opportunity for gutters to leak, something that owners of LeafGuard® don’t have to worry about.

Clog-Free Guarantee: LeafGuard® is the only patented one-piece system guaranteed never to clog.  If for any reason they ever clog, our team will be the ones to clean your gutter.

Here’s the nearly completed LeafGuard® installation.

Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval: LeafGuard® underwent six weeks of stringent testing by the Good Housekeeping Institute before being awarded their prestigious Seal.  In fact, they’re the only patented, one-piece system to have achieved this recognition.

Pleased with how the project turned out, Jon and Susan sent us the following note on the day of their installation, “On this very hot day Chad and Adam arrived and installed our new LeafGuard® Gutters.  They introduced themselves, we did a walk through to make sure they understood the task and then worked very hard and efficiently to install the gutters.  They were personable and outstanding!  We love the gutters.  They look great and I am confident they will be helpful in solving the wet deck problem.  We also appreciated your courtesy and careful explanation during your visit to our home.  No high pressure.  Please pass on our appreciation for the good service provided by Chad and Adam as well as you during your visit.  We will think first of Lindus for any future work on our home.”

See how LeafGuard® is custom manufactured for each how it’s installed on.

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