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Tom & Joan’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Hopkins, MN

Approximately one in three of the 75,000 happy customers we have served since 1979 has been referred to us by a past customer.  When Tom and Joan began their process of interviewing gutter contractors, they asked their friends and family for recommendations.  With several already having LeafGuard® installed, the couple decided to reach out to us.  There were several areas of improvement for the preexisting gutters on their 1950’s era home.  After learning about the features and functionality of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters, the couple felt comfortable with their decision to have them installed on their home. Here are the issues that their old gutters caused and what LeafGuard® gutters were able to remedy.

before LeafGuard
The home’s preexisting gutters were undersized and discolored.

Gutter Clogging: The trees on Tom & Joan’s property had flourished in the four decades the couple had lived there.  The leaves and twigs they routinely shed often clogged their gutters.  This left the couple with two unappealing choices.  Ignoring the problem would result in a wet basement and eventual foundation damage.  Climbing a ladder to remedy the issue was time-consuming and posted a safety risk.  They were delighted to learn that each LeafGuard® installation is accompanied with a no-clog guarantee.  This means if LeafGuard® ever clogs, our team will be the ones correcting the issue free of charge.  Should the couple ever choose to sell, this warranty also extends to the next owner of the home. 

Undersize Design: Having gutters installed that are too small can quickly prove problematic.  Undersized gutters can become overburdened in heavy rainfalls.  Over time, this can cause expensive damage to a home’s foundation.  An impressive fact about LeafGuard® Brand Gutters is that the Good Housekeeping Institute certified them to handle in excess of 32 inches of rain in an hour.  Their oversize design was part of the reason they were awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of approvalleafguard

Gutter Discoloration: Ordinary gutters can quickly become discolored, especially when they clog with organic debris and then overflow.  As we walked around the exterior of Tom and Joan’s house, we noticed gutter discoloration in numerous spots.  Regardless if the discoloration was from clogging, age, or quality of the gutters, one fact was certain.  The home’s curb appeal was being impacted in a negative way.  LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are manufactured from aluminum that is 20% thicker than traditional systems.  They are guaranteed to never rust.  The ScratchGuard® paint finish is warrantied to never chip, crack, or peel.leafguard

Lack of Customization: Traditional gutter systems, such as the one Tom and Joan originally had offer very little in the realm of options.  Color choices are scarce and seams are plentiful.  An aspect that the couple appreciated about LeafGuard® Brand Gutters is that they are custom-built for each property they are installed on.  This gives homeowners the freedom to choose color, downspout placement, and length.  A feature that was an absolute must on their list was hinge kickers.  This allowed them the ability to temporarily fold up their downspouts while mowing the lawn, without having to drive through their neighbor’s yard in a few of their lot’s tighter spots.

Upon completion of their project, the couple shared the following sentiments with us, “When we started to think about replacing the gutters on our home, we talked to a number of friends and neighbors who had recently used LeafGuard®. Everyone we talked to recommended LeafGuard® and Lindus in particular. After receiving estimates from other companies and comparing their products with LeafGuard®, our decision was easy. We’re most pleased with the finished product and the professionalism, promptness and friendliness of their workmen. We now look forward to never cleaning gutters again.”

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