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Product Spotlight: Infinity® from Marvin Patio Doors

18 December 2019

At Lindus Construction, our team of home improvement experts is united with the goal of making each customer a client for life.  That is why we work tirelessly to make our client’s homes as beautiful and energy efficient as possible.  If your home’s sliding glass door has become drafty or is allowing water to leak in, it’s likely time for replacement.  Here’s why a patio door by Infinity® from Marvin is an investment you can have complete confidence in for years to come.

innifty patio door

Enhanced Natural Light: A primary function of a patio door is to connect the indoors with the outdoors.  Homeowners often seek out a door that has as much visible class as possible to invite natural light in and appreciate their picturesque view.  An Infinity® from Marvin patio door is a wise choice because of its sleek profile.

Durability: A characteristic that sets Infinity® from Marvin patio doors apart from other brands is that they are comprised of Ultrex® fiberglass.  This proprietary material is touted as being able to hold up against the extreme temperature swings Minnesota encounters.  This is helped by the fact that Marvin is a Minnesota based company.

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Maneuverability: One of the biggest selling points for homeowners seeking a patio door is the ease at which it can be operated at.  Infinity® from Marvin glides open and shut effortlessly without catching on debris in the sill due to its top hung screen.

Security: Marvin takes security seriously and has taken conscious steps to make their Infinity® patio doors tricky to break into.  The most notable safety feature that this line of doors offers is their multi-point locking system.  In addition, homeowners can opt to have a footbolt added which offers further security when the door is vented or locked.

marvin patio door

Customization Options: Homeowners have a wide range of design needs and Infinity® from Marvin patio doors come in an array of options.  The doors can be ordered with two, three, or four panels and can be as wide as 16 feet.  The hardware finishes are available in nine colors.  Lites are available in an array of patterns.  For exemplary performance, the acrylic finish on the Ultrex® fiberglass is used on the door’s interior and exterior.  This ensures that the door continues to look its best and not be damaged by wind and precipitation.

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