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Protect Your Home from the Spring Thaw

15 April 2019

 Having been through one of the most tumultuous winters in recent memory, many of us are welcoming the extended hours of daylight and the warmer temperatures.  However, these conditions lend themselves to the melting of substantial amounts of snow.  If not properly filtered away from your home, the snow can end up causing thousands of dollars in damage if it penetrates the interior of your home.  Here are three tools you need to have in your arsenal to keep your home dry this spring. 

ice dam


A home absent of rain gutters is unable to divert snow melting off your roof away from your home.  If gutters are clogged with organic debris, water entering them will spill over, and pool near your home’s foundation or crawl space.  Not only can this cause cracking to the foundation, but it can eventually lead to a wet basement. Clogged gutters also result in a surplus of water hitting your home’s wooden fascia board.  Overtime, rotting can take place, causing your gutters to pull away from your home, rendering them useless. Basic gutter systems are pieced together with seams.  The problem with this is that over time, seams weaken.  Eventually, water is able to leak through before it can reach the gutter’s downspouts.  When evaluating the effectiveness of your home’s downspouts, be sure they are long enough to filter far away enough from the home to prevent basement water damage.  In addition, be sure hinged downspouts are in an open position and not tucked up next to the house.    

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Window Well

An area that’s vulnerable to flooding is your home’s egress window wells. In order to prevent flooding the house windows themselves must be properly installed.  In addition, a window well comprised of galvanized steel should be installed around the window to act as a barrier for melting snow and rainwater.  The depth and size of the window well must take into consideration the dimensions of the egress window. 

egress window
Uncovered window well with escape ladder from basement bedroom. Safety

Sump Pump

Moisture that enters the soil surrounding your home raises the level of the water table.  If the water table increases to a level higher than the floor in your basement, the water can filter into the basement without a properly working sump pump.  Be sure yours is in good working order by unplugging it and plugging it back in immediately to see if it turns back on.  Battery back-ups ensure that a sump pump continues to run even if the power goes out. 

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