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Expert Advice for Your 2021 Interior Renovation

09 January 2021

When remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, one of the biggest determinants of final price is the quality of finishes, such as sinks and countertops that are used.  Collecting bids from at least three reputable contractors will allow you to understand the best ways to approach your project and see which materials are available.  Even more appealing is that almost all contractors offer these estimates free of charge.  To narrow down your list of potential contractors, speak with their references, poll your family and friends, and take the time to research online reviews.  The earlier in the year you begin your search, the higher the probability that the contractor you select will have the ability to commence your project in a timely manner.

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If new windows are needed as part of your bathroom renovation, a casement window proves to be a style that offers peace of mind, as they are one of the most energy efficient window designs available.  This is because of its multipoint locking system which wards off air and water infiltration.  Bear in mind that not all windows are created equally.  Prior to committing to window replacement, get full details on the glass packs being used, to ensure they can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations.  Solar heat gain should also be taken into consideration to avoid the formation of frost and condensation.  If you notice a dramatic difference in pricing between window contractors, it is likely that one is quoting insert windows and the other is offering full frame window replacement.  Insert window replacement means just removing and replacing the sashes, which are the operable parts of the window.  This equates to less glass space, which impedes the amount of natural light a room can receive.  Insert window replacement also means that new window parts such as extension jambs and interior trim cannot be installed.  This compromises the aesthetics of the window.  More importantly, the contractor does not have the ability to address wood rot, air or water infiltration unless full frame window replacement is done.

One of the most difficult home styles to insulate are those with vaulted ceilings.  They are notoriously prone to ice dam damage.  Simply putting polystyrene in between the rafters is not enough to ensure that the vaulted ceiling is properly sealed off in order to be as energy efficient as possible.  The best approach for properly insulating a home with a vaulted ceiling is to dense pack the entire roof cavity full or cellulose, which can be in tandem with spray foam insulation.  From there, the roof deck can be put back on, and then two inches of foam insulation can be applied, followed by a metal roof.  Any time a roof cavity is full of insulation without ventilation, a hot roof is created.

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