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Seven Signs You Need New Windows

11 February 2018

The lifespan of your home’s windows greatly depends on the quality of the window itself and installation techniques used by your contractor.  Believe it or not, the brand of window used is of little importance, as many well-known manufacturers offer builder grade window lines that are low on price and quality.

If you’ve been pondering new windows in your home and are noticing any of these seven signs, now is the time to act!

Condensation: Condensation on windows is never good and needs to be swiftly addressed.  At times, it can signal home humidity issues.  However, if a window is closed securely and ice or frost is forming on the inside, it’s a telltale sign the window is past its lifespan. The ice and frost that will form as a result will encourage mold and mildew to form on the window’s frame, which can cause rot.  Condensation that forms between the window panes of glass is an indication that the window has failed and is permitting outside air in.  If you notice interior condensation forming on the center of window’s glass pack, it can mean that the argon gas inside the window has leaked out.  Once this happens, the window’s insulating properties have been

Your Current Windows are Rundown, Crooked, or Cracked: In limited scenarios, a minor repair, such as hardware replacement, can restore a home’s windows to their original glory.  However, cracked glass, warping, and windows that won’t stay open on their own require full replacement.

Loud Noises:  If your home seems louder than it used to be for no apparent reason, your windows may be to blame.  Upgrading to triple pane windows creates a buffer between the outdoors and your home’s interior.  Weather-stripping past its prime and worn out caulking can also invite outdoor noise into your home.

Opening & Closing Your Windows is a Workout:  Windows that are too tight to open are a major inconvenience and also a hazard in the event of a house fire.  That aside, improperly functioning mechanisms signal the windows are imbalanced.  This invites outside air and precipitation into your home.  Replacement creates a better protective barrier for your home.

Drafts:  Windows no longer providing sufficient protection for your home are often drafty because they lack proper insulation.  In addition to being uncomfortable, you pay, literally through wasted energy because your HVAC system is working overtime to keep your home at optimum temperatures. estimates that drafty windows can increase utility bills by as much as 25%.

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Outdated Windows: Hands down, windows are one of your home’s most noticeable elements.  Windows that are discolored or have mismatched screens scream neglect.

Corrosion Around Wood Windows:  If the wood surrounding your windows appears corrugated or bumpy, it is a warning sign that dry rot is in progress.  Wood affected by dry rot will shrink and crack.  It becomes soft to the touch and warped.   Dry rot is fed by moisture inside the wood and in order for it to spread; it needs a source of moisture.  Because dry rot causes the affected wood to crumble and separate from the unaffected wood, the unaffected wood becomes exposed and soon becomes infected.  Dry rot quickly spreads and can damage to siding as well.  Connect with a reputable contractor ASAP upon noticing any of these signs.


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