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How to Shop for a Patio Door

09 December 2018

Shopping for a patio door is hardly an everyday task and can be completely overwhelming.  Two of the most important choices you’ll encounter are the style and the material of the patio door.  Below, we’ve compiled a cheat sheet to make this task easier!

patio door


Hinged: This door configuration, when opened, swings inward so that the patio space is not compromised.  They hold up well against heavy winds because the stronger the wind, the stronger the seal becomes when pushed against the jamb.

Folding: Homeowners that opt for this style appreciate their pliability.  They cover larger areas than conventional options, and provide an uninterrupted gateway to an outdoor space.

Sliding:This style wins favor with homeowners because it allows an abundance of natural light to filter into the home.  These sliding patio doors are installed flush with the wall and do not swing outward, keeping your furniture free  of harm. Because of their clean lines they work best in contemporary homes, and for a more luxurious look you might want to consider French door grids.

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Wood: Patio doors made out of wood provide an upscale look.  Most scratching can be easily fixed.  However, they can come at a higher cost than other materials, and may not be as energy efficient. Wood patio doors require significant upkeep to ward off fading and deforming as weather conditions fluctuate.

Steel:Homeowners that opt for steel patio doors appreciate their ability to hold up to nature’s elements.  Though not as aesthetically pleasing as wood they are more energy-efficient, and they are also lower in price than wood patio doors.  Some drawbacks to this material are that it is prone to indentations and can be scratched easily. There is also the chance that you may potentially burn yourself when opening or closing the steel door on a hot day.

Fiberglass: Manufacturing technology for fiberglass doors has created a look that closely imitates the look of wood while still making it low maintenance.  Unlike wood, there is no concern of warping or disintegration.sliding door

Vinyl:This material is inexpensive, yet energy efficient.  It will  holds up well against moisture.  Unlike wood, it does not need to be resealed, painted or stained, making it low maintenance.

Aluminum:Lighter than steel, aluminum is even more prone to denting.  However, its sleek look makes it an ideal choice for modern homes.  A common complaint about aluminum patio doors is that it can easily become water stained.  Frequent cleanings can cure this problem, but neglecting to do so can result in corrosion.

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