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Should I Build My Own Deck Or Hire A Pro?

18 January 2019

DIY projects are becoming more and more popular each day. With YouTube videos and Pinterest ideas, your world is opened up to tons of information and advice on home improvement projects. However, these sites tend to gloss over the cost of the materials, tools or exactly how much time is put into each project. If you’re contemplating a new deck for your home but uncertain whether or not you’re up to the task, we’ve got information to help you make the right decision.

Taking it on Yourself

A few things to keep in mind while taking on a DIY decking project are cost, labor, installation time and necessary equipment. A common misunderstanding homeowners have is acquiring a building permit and thinking it only applies to contractors. On the contrary, codes stay the same if it’s a professional or a homeowner doing the work.  Major composite decking manufacturers offer iron-clad warranties, however, if their product is not installed to those specifications, the warranty becomes voided.  Building codes are continuously evolving and failure to adhere to those can result in your project failing inspection.  That’s not to say that when doing a home remodel project it’s possible to save some cash by doing it yourself.  It’s wise to honestly evaluate how much time it will take to put a deck together by yourself.  Unless you are a professional carpenter, you may run into costly snags or find yourself backed into a corner because the next step is unclear. This can delay your project costing you hours (or weekends). Building a deck will require an arsenal of tools including a circular saw, hand saw, chalk line, tape measure, a level, and a power drill. If these tools already live in you or your buddy’s garage, you’ve got a good start. Having to go out and purchase or rent them can quickly add to your budget.  However, once you’ve got them, they’re yours and can be used for any future project as well.

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Hiring a Pro

Interview at least three Twin Cities deck builders, speak with their previous clients, and read multiple reviews before hiring a contractor to build your deck. Receiving multiple estimates will aid in your decision making on price, quality and pace of your project. Contractors have solid ties with suppliers in the industry which can benefit you by getting the best of the best when it comes to price and material. A reputable contractor will also have the expertise of products needed to ensure you won’t end up with a low quality unstable deck. While hiring a professional ups your budget with labor costs, it also provides the reassurance of an experienced carpenter working on your project. Deck and patio contractors have the tools necessary to get the job done right without you having to pay for them. They come with years of experience and knowledge to properly build your deck the way you dreamt it to look. A professional can also work a bit faster because they already have the expertise of prior builds and have encountered numerous deck installation scenarios. A reliable contractor has the experience to circumvent small initial mistakes that can turn catastrophic down the road

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