Siding Color Selection Tips

22 June 2015

Without question, the most dramatic way you can upgrade the appearance of your home’s exterior is by changing out your siding.  Next to picking material(s) to use, the next biggest decision to make is the color.  While personal preference definitely comes into play when making the final selection, it’s important to factor in what your neighbors have as well. After all, you don’t want to have the house that sticks out like a sore thumb.  Additionally, the architectural style of your home also impacts what choices are sensible.  Here’s what you need to know about the most popular siding color choices on the market.

Red: While red can seem like a bold color choice for siding, there are plenty of times when  it works.  Historic and country homes showcase the color beautifully, especially when it has gray undertones.  (Think burnt red instead of fire engine.)

Green: In design, the color green is synonymous with Mother Nature.  Muted green siding works well on homes with lots of tree coverage.  Green plays well with other colors and can oftentimes be incorporated with other tones of yellow and brown.

Blue: It’s a fact that the most popular favorite color for the people of the world is blue.  (Believe it or not, yellow is the least.) In design, dark blue is believed to bring a calming energy to a home and all those that enter.  If you’re looking for a less bold statement, gravitate to blueish gray which looks great on almost any type of home.  Whatever you do, shy away from powder blue which will appear dated.

White: White is timeless and will always be a viable option.  However, don’t be afraid to add punches or color when it comes to accessories such as trim, garage doors and shutters.  You can always sass up white with different textures which create interest.