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Signs it’s Time for Sliding Glass Door Replacement

18 December 2019

Your exterior sliding doors most often provide a glimpse into your home’s backyard and a convenient route inside when hosting outdoor gatherings.  Because it does not directly impact your curb appeal, it can be tempting to prolong the replacement of exterior sliding glass doors.  However, failing to replace a patio door that’s at the end of its lifespan can have detrimental consequences to the allure, energy efficiency, and performance of your home.  If you’re noticing any of these signs, it’s time to interview quality sliding glass door installers for a quote on replacement.

innifty patio door

Issues Opening & Closing the Door: If this is happening on a routine basis, it can be a sign that the rollers have become worn out or that the door has become unbalanced on the track.  Exterior elements such as rain, snow, and continuous direct sunlight can deteriorate the door frame over time.  A door that wasn’t installed properly can also warp over time, causing it to not operate as easily as it once did.  Many times, a non-functional sliding glass door will become difficult to lock, creating a security risk for your family.

marvin patio door

Noticeable Drafts: If the area immediately surrounding your patio door closely imitates the temperature outdoors, your sliding glass door may be to blame.  Not only do drafts create an uncomfortable home, but they can cause a severe spike in your home’s energy bills.

Leaking Water: As the years pass, the seal around your patio door can begin to fail.  If you are frequently mopping up water off the walls and flooring, surrounding your patio door, it is likely replacement is needed. 

marvin patio door

Foggy Panes: If you’re noticing a build-up of condensation within the window panes, it can be a signal that the seal has failed.  When this occurs, air and moisture can penetrate the window panes, impeding their insulative properties.

Structural Concerns: If the patio door has been damaged by hail or an attempted break-in, it’s wise to consult with a reputable contractor to see if the door can be repaired or if replacement is necessary.

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Visible Gaps:  In extreme scenarios, the areas that contribute to drafts are sizable enough to see.  Gaps can cause your sliding glass door to shift to one side.  Gaps prove problematic because they compromise your home’s security, create a space for pests to enter your home, and create heat transfer problems.

The Door is an Eye Sore: If your home’s sliding glass door appears archaic next to your home’s siding, windows and interior walls, it may be time to consider replacement.  This holds true especially if you’re considering putting your home on the market, as potential buyers are often uninterested in a sizable list of home repairs immediately upon closing.  Scratching, scrapes and chipping paint also rank high on the list of reasons homeowners opt to replace their sliding glass door.

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