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Six Signs Your Contractor Botched Your Roofing Job

27 January 2021

More times than we can count, we receive estimate requests from homeowners with fairly new roofs that need substantial repairs or even replacement due to work performed by a previous contractor.  Oftentimes, these scenarios occur because the homeowner signed on with the first roofing company that knocked on their door after a storm, rather than taking the time to interview multiple contractors and check online reviews.  Here are some of the biggest telltale signs a roofing project wasn’t completed correctly.

Underlayment Was Skipped: The purpose of roofing underlayment is to provide an additional layer of protection against water damage.  Without underlayment in place, the probability of ice dams jumps dramatically.  Ice dams prove problematic because they compromise the lifespan of your roof, allow water to enter your home, and frequently ruin attic insulation.

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Absence of Drip Edge Flashing: The purpose of drip edge flashing is to stop water damage and infestations by pests.  Drip edge flashing is designed to be installed at the roof’s edge and preserve the transition from your fascia to your roofline.  Without drip edge flashing, the shingles on the edge of the roof bend because they lack support.  Drip edge should never be reused because the old nail holes can cause water to leak into your home if not properly sealed.

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Leaking: Roofing manufacturers, like GAF, offer 50-year, non-prorated warranties on labor and materials.  Even if you chose a roof of a lesser caliber, there’s no legitimate reason a non-storm damaged asphalt roof less than a decade old should be leaking.  Instead, it’s evidence that the contractor likely reused roof flashing or failed to adhere to the manufacturer’s installation specifications.

Ignoring Ventilation: Ventilation is critical to the lifespan of a roof because it curtails the existence of excessive moisture that can cause a roof to fail prematurely.  Having too many or too few roof vents can also create attic airflow issues.

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Roof Has a Varied Appearance: If you’re looking up at your roof and the shingles don’t have a uniform appearance, it’s possible the contractor ran out of shingles and used leftovers from a previously installed job.

Incorrect Nail Placement: Roof nails ensure that shingles stay in place.  Manufacturers have stringent rules about the number, type, and location of nails that must be used.  Failure to adhere to these specifications make it likely that your shingles will fall off, especially during periods of high winds.

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