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Skylights vs Sun Tunnels

13 July 2016

Many homes have areas that feel dark and unwelcoming because they lack natural light.  This situation can be easily remedied with the inclusion of skylights and sun tunnels.  These devices are installed on a home’s roof and allow sunlight to filter into areas that would not receive it.  It’s important to understand the qualities of both sun tunnels and skylights so that you are able to determine which makes the most sense for your situation.  Here’s what you need to know!

Features You’ll Find in Both: Utilizing skylights and sun tunnels within your home will amplify the amount of natural light that filters in which leads to lower energy consumption.  Both are attached to the roof, and can breathe new life into a room because of the additional sunlight they filter in.metal roof

Key Differences:  Skylights and sun tunnels have some key differences; understanding them will assist you in choosing the right solution for your house.  Skylights invite both sunlight and fresh air into your home and can be used to expel warm air or humidity from your home.  They come in an array of shapes including: square, rectangular, oval, diamond, and triangular.    Sun tunnels come in tubular shapes to amplify sunlight within the home, but they cannot be opened to filter in outdoor air.

Perks of Installing a Skylight: Skylights win favor with homeowners because of their ability to be opened and closed.  Not only does this allow fresh air to be drawn in, but it also allows humidity to be expelled in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.  VELUX has models that can be opened and closed via remote control.  Their “Fresh Air” skylight even has a built-in sensor that automatically closes the unit in the event of rain.

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Perks of Installing a Sun Tunnel: Sun tunnels come in malleable models that can be easily installed in attics without interfering with fixtures already in place.  They take up minimal space on a roof but excel at filtering in copious amounts of daylight.  Sun tunnels do an excellent job of introducing sunlight to areas of the home that would not receive any.  Popular installation spots include closets, laundry rooms, hallways, and stairways.

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