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The Ins and Outs of Awning Windows

08 January 2019

The longevity of your home’s windows depends greatly on the quality of window installed. Having a high quality window installed by a reputable professional will allow them to achieve their maximum lifespan.  Take a look at the benefits of replacing tired windows with brand new and see the difference.

infinity awning window

Signs You Need New Windows

If you have noticed condensation on your sills, cracks, drafts, or corrosion, it’s likely your home’s windows need replacing. Condensation can mean humidity problems. If the window is secure and you still see signs of frost or ice, the window is no longer performing as needed. Condensation can cause mold and mildew to grow inside the home threatening your health and lifespan of windows. Notice the cars going by being louder than before? Upgrade to triple pane windows to help block out some of the noise. Opening and closing your window becomes more difficult not only causes an issue if there’s a house fire, but also shows your window mechanisms are deteriorating and need replacement. A diminished window will also bring drafts, and not the fun football kind. A breezy window can boost your electric bill by as much as 25% if left unaddressed.

window condensation

What Are Awning Windows?

While similar to casement windows, awning windows are hinged at the top of the window versus the sides. Referred to as crank windows, an awning will open outwards and upwards instead of sideways. This type of window is made for spaces with a wider width than height. They provide peak airflow and ventilation into the home, along with ample natural light. These windows work best where there are no obstacles outside of so that they may be opened fully. Awning windows are made for high efficiency and easy cleaning with their sleek design.

marvin infinity awning

Pros and Cons of Awning Windows

Awning windows provide excellent ventilation by being installed higher up on walls compared to other windows. At a taller height, they provide great lighting and airflow without compromising your privacy while giving more wall space for décor. The way an awning window is designed, they can be kept open even during rain. Their design allows for a “hooded” open window, preventing water from bleeding into the home. With the hinges on top, it allows for a cleaner look of the interior window.

Our Installation Technique Ensures the Maximum Lifespan of the Window: 

Let’s discuss a couple disadvantages. If an awning window is placed in a higher trafficked area of your home, it increases the chances of injury by collision. Locating window awnings near decks, walkways or porches inflates the chance of getting hurt. Awning windows are designed with a slant which collects dirt quicker than a regular window, adding a necessity of more cleaning. These windows are also more difficult to duck out of in case of emergency. While breaking out is more difficult, this also means breaking in brings its own challenges.

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