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The Top Seven Issues Gutter Installation Prevents

03 October 2019

For many homeowners, rain gutters are on afterthought.  At times, it can be tempting to skip them altogether.  However, If you’ve ever questioned the importance of covered gutters on your home, we invite you to consider these seven issues that can occur if they aren’t in good working order or are missing altogether.

Landscape Erosion: Homes are positioned on a minor slope to stream runoff out of the way of the foundation.  A home absent of six-inch gutters will result in rainwater continuously coming in contact with the soil around it, washing it away.  The result can be unbalanced floors, fractured walls, washed out landscaping, and a cracked chimney.

Dry Rot: Dry rot is an event that can have adverse effects on an array of wood types.  As this fungus penetrates the interior of the wood, it causes a breakdown of the material.  Even if you’ve got gutters on your home, if they are clogged, rainwater can come in contact with fascia boards and window and door trim, causing dry rot, which is expensive to repair.  This makes the cost of new gutters money well spent.

Once the extent of the dry rot was determined, our team addressed the issue.

Leaking Behind Your Siding: An absence or lack of gutters creates a scenario where rainwater runs down the side of a home, creating the potential for water to seep behind the home’s siding.  Mold can ensue, as can siding discoloration.  On brick, a rusting effect can occur.

Foundation Damage: A home absent of gutters will result in a continuous stream of water coming in contact with the home’s foundation each time it rains.  Over time, this will cause cracks within the foundation which will result in the crumbling of the concrete.  If you notice doors and windows that appear to be sticking for no reason, ceiling and wall cracks, and bowing or leaning basement walls, it can be a signal your home not only needs rain gutters, but professional foundation attention.

Flawed Concrete Sidewalks, Driveways and Patios: Without gutters, excessive amounts of rainwater can cause damage to your home’s hardscapes.  Long-term, the over saturation of concrete patio pavers, can wear away the joint sand.  It can also lead to the staining of brick and concrete.  Sidewalks and driveways can also crack and erode when rainwater is not directed away from them through the installation of eavestroughs and lengthy downspouts.

brick house

Mosquito Infestation: It’s only a matter of time before open-style gutters become clogged with water, fallen leaves, and pine needles.  This creates an ideal environment for mosquitoes to congregate and breed, creating a health hazard and an unpleasant outdoor living space.

Basement Flooding: This costly issue can easily be prevented with the installation of leafless gutters, which ensure that copious amounts of water are not dumped in near proximity to the home’s foundation.  Eventually, it will permeate the soil through slight cracks or walls that are porous.  When this happens, not only is property damaged, but mold growth quickly ensues.

Fast Facts About LeafGuard® Brand Gutters:  LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are custom manufactured on-site for each home they’re installed on.  Their oversized hood and trough work in tandem to filter over 32 inches of rain per hour.  This is one of the many reasons the patented, one-piece system which is guaranteed never to clog was awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.  Accompanied with a lifetime workmanship guarantee, it’s designed to be the last gutters you ever need to install on your home.

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