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Skylight Windows & Sun Tunnels

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Lindus Construction offers and installs a variety of skylight solutions that address each homeowner’s unique demands. Our skylight systems include coordinating accessories.

VELUX skylights are engineered for overhead, hard to reach spaces and accessible spots where egress emergency escape windows are unnecessary.  They are offered in a vast array of sizes and looks.  Fun and fashionable blinds are also available.




  • The No Leak Skylight – Offering a triple layer of water protection with patented deck seal technology.
  • Curb Mounted VCE/VCM Skylights – Products for overhead applications or for in-reach ones not requiring egress.
  • In-Reach Roof Window – Products for in-reach applications where egress is necessary.
  • Flat/low Sloped Roof Solutions – VELUX offers a range of custom solutions for flat and low-sloped roof installations.
  • Flashings – Conceptualized to shed water without depending on sealants that can corrode.
  • Glazing Options – All VELUX skylight glazings are built using energy efficient, LoE3, Argon gas injected dual glass panes.
  • Solar Blackout Blinds – Choose from a selection of blind features, including blackout and Venetian. E
  • Accessories – Multiple innovations that are easy to use and maximize comfort.


Many houses have bathrooms, hallways and other rooms where daylight only enters when you open the door. Dim and dark, these rooms are unwelcoming places until you turn on the light. Those days are over. VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights bring natural light into even the darkest and most isolated spaces through a specially designed tunnel that passes from roof to ceiling. The attractive ceiling diffuser blends unnoticed into the ceiling, spreading a soft and restful light throughout the room.


Flexible tunnels are recommended when installation around obstacles within the loft space is required. They are the easiest product to install because of the maneuverability of the material.

  • Excellent for ease and speed of installation
  • Easily bends around attic obstructions
  • Helps diffuse sunlight in short runs
  • Ideal for shorter tunnel runs


Rigid tunnels are recommended when there is a straight, unobstructed path from the roof to the ceiling, although they can be maneuvered slightly.

  • Flexi Loc™ tunnel systems for easy and speedy tunnel assembly
  • Brighter white light
  • Excellent for long runs




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